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Sorry, I can't provide a link to this article, as this is a subscription publication.

I found a copy of it in the Amazon Kindle Fire Newstand ($6.99 for a single issue, $2.99 for a subscription.) I bought the single issue, read it, and took some notes. (*)

Day 1.

(1) Dan begins trying to make the iPad work like his Macbook - finding a stand, a keyboard, etc. He's thinking "replacement". Wonder how long he will stick with this approach 

(2) He logins into work, and tries using the IM system he's used to. He doesn't like the web interface. (And, alas, he doesn't seem to use Google chat - or iMessenger.)

(3) He logs into the company's CMS. Oops. WYSIWYG works on standard safari but not so well on the iOS safari. Editing HTML code works, but is a pain on the iPad. 

(4) He makes progress, but finds that the iPad stand is hard to use with the normal iPad swipe type commands. (Surprise!)

(5) Overall, he got his work done (and tried lots of new apps). Day 1 was laborious. 

Day 2.

(0) "While day one had been an adjustment, things had gone pretty well. I hadn't needed to resort to my Mac at all and I had finished my work on time."  [Hmm. Maybe this is cognitive dissonance at work ?]

(1) Day 2 begins with a new assignment - manage the news desk. ("Editor", not "Writer")
On the Mac, he's automated this with an applescript tool he wrote. This doesn't work on the iPad. (A friend comes by and writes a javascript tool to do something similar.)

(2) Had to upload a photograph, but the iOs safari doesn't have read access to use files. (*)

(3) In the afternoon, he has to collaborate on a document.  His favorite tool is "Cloud" and that seemed to work. Google Docs, however, was not so nice. (Different interface, different features, not as smooth as desktop version. And, as of yet, no "Docs" client for the iPad. Apple and Google are not being nice to each other :) Ends up on the Macintosh to do this. 

Day 3. Mental Calisthenics.

(0) "After a day or two of using the iPad, my brain seemed to have rewired itself. It's not that the iPad is better or worse than the Mac, it's just that different things are hard to do on each device." "I miss my windows." (**)

(1) Weekly video conference using Google+ hangout. Worked but clunky.

(2) Reading and editing PDF's. Had to find an "app for that" (since it wasn't on the web. (He's editing an eBook and they've chosen to publish it as a PDF document ??? Sigh.) Reading PDF's put a drain on the battery. 

Post Processing.

(1) "Using the iPad as your primary machine forces you to adjust the way you think about and prioritize what you're doing."

(2) "[ P]erhaps the biggest change in switching from a Mac to the iPad: The technology becomes almost transparent. You are simply writing, or reading, or browsing. It's all about the task itself, while the technology you're using fades into the background."


The "Cinderella Step Sister's" story is a nice allegory for where we are with "tablets" ... shoe horning old practices into nice shoes ...