Couple of things to fill you in on:


There was a brief discussion on this list about the status of Riverdeep and the development of a “portal” for lack of a better word, to be used statewide with the field and the department.  There is a tool currently in development, slated for a May release that will be called the Vermont Educator Exchange (VE2).  This portal is being developed with a company from Toronto called Intrafinity.  So far, it is in my opinion, a very robust tool and will include many ways that educators in the state can interact and post and pull down resources, work collaboratively with a variety of groups and be kept abreast of current news and events from DOE.   We (DOE) hope that it will alleviate some of the issues that groups had in using Riverdeep, which proved a little cumbersome in its implementation.   The VT Item Assessment Bank will live in this environment as will units of study from various projects, from DOTS to some of the work associated with Common Core. 


It is my intent to use this tool to “house” our technology plans, thereby providing a way that folks in the field can review one another’s plans. This may also be a great tool for continuing the work mentioned recently on keeping our Classroom Scenarios/Tech GE’s up to date.    This tool will also work in conjunction with the new DOE website, slated for a similar launch date.


State Readiness Coordinator for SBAC implementation:

Yesterday, I was appointed to be the State Readiness Coordinator for our impending SBAC online assessment which is coming our way in 2014.   I will be working with all of the schools in Vermont to ascertain schools readiness in being able to deliver a fully online assessment by 2014.  Obviously, this has great implications for schools in terms of broadband capability, device management and availability and a host of other things to work out.  I will be in contact with folks directly over the next few months as SBAC rolls out it Readiness Tool and I’ll help coordinate that here in Vermont.  My national group, the State Education Technology Directors is taking a major role in this endeavor and so we should have the experiences of a number of states to rely on. 

More information is coming on this in early March. 


Other stuff:


THANKS so much for the results on the survey that was completed on January 11.   Of 322 schools that could report, we got 275 to report and with very few issues!  Awesome and very appreciated on this end.  A report was generated for the legislature on portions of the data related to broadband, and I am compiling the data here as well and will release much of it to this list soon.    If you are working on something and you need a particular piece of information from that survey, I can probably provide it fairly quickly.  Let me know. 


Technology Plan.. I won’t keep making and breaking promises!  It is coming, and it really is close, I just need a good solid day to finish it up.   Thanks to all the discussion on this list around it.  After it is released, I will do a webinar or LNV session to address specific questions you might have.  I am also speaking about it briefly at Vita Learn regionals through this month, (although I will not be at NW this Friday, am visiting schools in NE.) 


One to One:  I had invited some participation on this endeavor in December, and this is still moving though rather slowly.  I will convene a group sometime in early March and our discussion will center on the support necessary to move something like this forward if local funds are used.  Maine is still anticipating our involvement.  NH has dropped away from this discussion.  I believe it can still be a benefit, though I am moving away from the netbook, laptop idea and more to a “device”.  More conversation will be had as this begins to take shape.  I had an opportunity to meet with my Maine counterpart last week and we are in the process of sketching out a timeline. 

It is my intent in the next two months to visit schools that have something in place already.  I need more of a feel myself for what it looks like in schools. 








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