The system emphasizes a reward system Gen-M recognizes, much like a gaming environment. I know that I personally take great pride in my own digital badges that I have earned trough the Spartan and Tough Mudder challenges. They only have encouraged me to earn more.

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George et al,

I love the idea of open badges where people get credit for formal and informal work that takes place outside school, that other kind of learning….


I believe that analytics works well with the concept of proficiency based expectations from Dan French and Elaine P— Design for Learning (transferable skills, core-disciplinary, application of learning, depth of understanding). 

Driven by analytics, a system of learning/assessment like this could be differentiated, learner centered, personalized, equitable, rigorous, and potentially relevant/meaningful.  And let kids co-monitor their progress and perhaps co-create their learning with teachers.


Proficiency based expectations could be aligned to personalized assignments and assessments—individualized education.


George, is that what you are thinking? 


Perhaps this goes in the plan, it is surely coming—and I think we are planning for the future, not today, n’est-ce-pas?


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