Greetings all
With the increase in request for classrooms to participate in SKYPE in Education and LNV/Scopia opportunities for classroom teachers, we are trying to come up with an ideal setup for a classroom wanting to participate in these opportunities.  Would love to recommendation from anyone who has a successful model.
Which peripherals should we purchase to achieve the following outcomes

1) A Web Cam that we can point to different parts of the room
2) A microphone situation that might be separate than the webcam so it can also be moved to pic up a speaker from different parts of the room
3) Speakers that would work for a classroom (preferably a double classroom) -seems that many classrooms are doubling up for these event
4) SETUP config info that PROVIDES no feedback echo
5) Cost that fits in a classroom budget ;-(
Looking to equip a PC, but if
someone can advise either PRO or CON on using an iPad for Skype events of this nature, that would be great.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated

Lucie deLaBruere
Digital Age Learning Specialist

Cell:  802  752  6086

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