Hi David,

I've seen these symptoms under varying circumstances as well.

The two primarily solutions I've found are verifying that QoS Packet Scheduler is installed and enabled on the network adapter of any computers accessing a 2008 box. Without this I've seen 4-30 second delays when establishing any sort of network connectivity to 2008 boxes.

If this doesn't seem to be the issue, then there is a registry tweak that I've found helpful.

HKLM\Servics\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces\[GUID for active network adapter]\    DWORD   TcpAckFrequency=1

If this key doesn't exist on the server, create it and reboot. I've found this also helps when put on the client side, however I typically only do this on an as needed basis for specific workstations experiencing issues.  I've found this to make a huge difference on every day file sharing (either between XP/2003 machines) as well as resolve my 4-20 second long delays when opening/saving documents to a share. 

Here's an MS article regarding the specifics: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/328890

Although the key is not specifically to help with this issue, it has worked consistently across multiple environments that have exhibited the symptoms you indicated.

Be sure to let us all know how this get's resolved... It definitely sounds like quite the odd issue...

Mike Tisdale
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Good Morning,


I have an issue I am hoping to get some help with.


The environment:

I have copied the files from a 2003 File Server to a  2008 R2 File Server (HP Proliant DL 380 G7 64bit) both on the same domain. We are running on a 2003 domain level using Vipre for Virus protection. The servers and client machine have the latest Windows updates, All GPO's but the defaults and the virus protection were turned off to test. The firewall is off on the servers and the client machines. ipv6 has been disabled on the server and the client machines. Wired or wireless the issue still exists.

The problem:

I have a few Win 7 machines (64 & 32 bit) when they go to open or close MS Office files on the 2008 R2 File server files will hang for 4-10 seconds.  When opening the same file using the same computer off the 2003 server it opens right up. The user will try on another machine ( XP or Win 7) and the file will open right up.  A new Win 7 64 bit machine was taken out of the box, joined to the domain, same issue. I have tried the same machines not joined to the domain and the issue still exists. MS Office 2003, 2010, Mac2011, Open Office all have the same results. Process Monitor was used to compare a machines with and without the issue, the same processes are running and not flags. There’s nothing in the event log as the files are opening just really slow. Folders pop right up but when opening a file there is the issue.

The 2008 R2 server was wiped and rebuilt from scratch but still the issue still exists. Wondering if anyone has run into this and if you have a solution?


David Martin

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