Eric, Mike meant FULL VERSION in terms of FULLY LICENSED COPY as opposed to UPGRADE LICENSED COPY.

Full boxed copy is $250 
Upgrade boxed copy is $160

The license that ASAP sells is upgrade, that is, to move from XP/Vista to win7

The ASAP upgrade licensing does not (unless someone can show me im wrong, email in to Patrick) cover installation on a new machine.

That is, you cant use it to buy parts and build a new machine, nor to install on a mac.

In both cases above, assuming you did not previously own a $250 FULLY LICENSED copy of XP/V license to upgrade from.

Nor am I saying it wont actually work, I am just looking for feedback on the licensing aspects.

I am also not talking about using the VLA copy to REBUILD a machine that has a valid OEM COA.


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I was recently told that the license is an upgrade, but the volume media is
a full installation. Correct me if I am wrong, but previous discussion here
indicated that this is what is necessary in order to deploy Win7 images?

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As long as you are getting a full version rather than an upgrade, then you
are fine.