Once all of the teachers have their own laptops what does everyone recommend for the classroom computers - desktop or laptop?  We, too, are at a point where the classroom computers are getting old and am wondering what to replace them with.  I can see the speed and reliability of the desktop a plus yet the mobility of the laptop a plus.


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it nice to finally see someone else making the economic argument.

the technology is the bargain, it's the payroll that is the true cost.

makes no sense to burden your expensive employee with cheap tools.

$1,000 laptop /4 years => $250 /year

Depending on the cost of the employee that works out to just 1 day of payroll.

that means 1/180th of the total cost.

going cheap with the equipment (cutting it in half, to $500) would net you all of .0025%/year.

more of a rounding error actually.



it only takes 8 hours of gained productivity per year  at $25 an hour for the ROI to claim the a technology tool like a laptop has paid for itself.