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 Here are answers what I got on my inquiry about purchased books, online
access codes and copyrights.

It was very helpful, thank you all who responded!

This has less to do with copyright than it does with licensing.  When you
"activate" the book's access code, you are also agreeing to the publisher's
licensing terms.  In most cases, these will stipulate that access is for a
single individual only and is not to be shared.  Whether or not you adhere
to that, and how closely, is something you and your institution will need
to consider.

copyright isn't the only thing to be concerned about. any patron can change
the password and make your book unusable in the future to anyone but that
patron. we open the books FOR the patron in the library only, if the hard
copy is out, or for anyone who wishes to print pages from the book.

We register the codes and put the information in a spreadsheet file.  We
put a sticker on the book indicating if they want online access they have
to come to the library and have a librarian log them on to the website.
 The librarian pulls up the spreadsheet file to find out the URL and login
and password then logs them in on a library computer.  We keep a tally as
to how many times people ask for each book.
Some people ask but the number is very few, maybe 10 or since we started
this which was about 1-2 yrs ago.

Almost every book I've purchased with these codes has small print
specifically stating the code is for individual, not institutional use.
What I do is put a piece of clear tape over the scratch-off material (or if
there isn't any, black out the code with a permanent marker).  I hate not
being able to provide this resource, but the publishers don't seem to care
that you've purchased the book and should have equal access to all the
material.  I hope that helps.

We have also been concerned about copyright issues with allowing multiple
users access to what seems to be intended as a single-user code, so we
"black out" the online access codes inside books with a marker before
putting them into circulation.

We might revisit this policy if we had any significant interest from
students wanting to access this material, but there hasn't been any, so for
now this seems the safe approach.

Hope it helps!


Baiba Awan

Chief Librarian
College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan
7th Central Street, Phase II, D.H.A Karachi.
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