Hello Folks,

As a former employee of the USPS, I have to object to the persistent
defamation of the fine service provided, especially in small towns in
Vermont, by the local post office and rural carriers. Where else can you
get a notice to pick up something that is being conveniently held for you
in your town on Saturday morning, if your office is closed? Or delivery
into your office or to your house if your mailbox is knocked down by the
town plow? Where else can every person have equal access to send and
receiving mail at a fraction of the cost of some of these delivery

Honestly, I cringe when those single tax installment checks come in by
FedEx - what a lot of property owner money and fossil fuel used to deliver
something that could be sent for under $6.50 (assuming someone wants to
track something) and delivered when our office is actually open! It is
aggravating to arrive at the office to find a sticky note on the door
instructing us to drive 20 miles to pick up something that was delivered
after our office is closed - and we would have had delivered by Robin, our
friendly rural carrier and local resident, if we had been given the

If LHS doesn't "trust" the USPS, the let them pick up the tab for the pick
up as well as the cost of the shipping.

Heidi Racht

> I send them back certified mail with return receipt. About $6.00
> Sandy
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>> Ditto in Morristown - USPS.
>> Mary Ann
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>> We just use priority mail envelopes with delivery confirmation through
>> USPS.
>> The cost is $5.90 and you get a tracking #.  We've never had a problem.
>> Alison
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>> Subject: returning accuvote cards
>> What method do you all use to mail back your cards?  It seems as though
>> I
>> had read somewhere from LHS that they don't trust USPS but Fed-Ex is
>> really
>> expensive when you have to go up to the small box size due to the value
>> of
>> the cards.  And I believe the flat rate boxes at USPS have tracking on
>> them,
>> so what would be the harm?
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