Terrific.  Look forward to it.  Will this be a Dynamic Landscapes session?


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> Luis,
> At first glance, I would say there are better alternatives such as Canvas,
> Haiku, Edu20, or Schoology.  It looks like Chamilo is built on a Drupal
> framework, which means it is a Drupal CMS trying to become an LMS, rather
> than being built from the ground up as an LMS (I think Schoology might be
> in that category as well).
> I am working with Susan Hennessey (currently with the Tarrant Institute
> for Innovative Education at UVM) to create a comparison matrix of the the
> best LMS systems available today.  We will be sharing our work with
> educators throughout Vermont as we progress, so be on the lookout for the
> LMS Showdown!
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