Logan -

  If you were only able to choose between iPads and Chromebooks -  
which would you choose?


On Mar 29, 2012, at 9:49 AM, Logan Cooke wrote:

> Here are my thoughts on Chromebooks. I have used one since their  
> inception as the CR-48 test units. I really want to like these  
> devices, but for me they are just too limited. Google Apps are very  
> nice, but they are no where near as capable as Microsoft Office or  
> iWork. Although most students should be able to use them without  
> missing the extra features, some won't. Also, no local storage  
> scares me. Having copies of documents only in the cloud works  
> sometimes, but lends itself to trouble.
> I think buying a computer that is locked to a browser is not  
> something I could ever see me supporting at a 1:1 level. Learning to  
> use Chrome OS will not help the students become better at computer  
> skills, nor will it help them in the future. Its just too short- 
> sighted and limited for me to like. I would rather see the $500 go  
> to an iPad, which has MUCH more function and the touch interface is  
> very beneficial to the younger kids and special needs.
> Just my 2 cents.
> Logan Cooke
> Tech Coordinator | The Warren School
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