You can get a PC card from Comcast which will let you watch and record directly on a computer.  Win7 can be setup to share the recorded shows and you can even connect to the host PC to watch live TV.  It won’t get you the ability for 15 classrooms to watch 15 different channels at the same time, but it will let 15 classrooms all watch various episodes of Mythbusters that had been recorded.

Depending on the card it might even be compatible with MythTV which will bring even more flexibility, but isn’t for the faint of heart to setup.


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I found out by a teacher that our *free* cable TV throughout the district has been removed by Comcast. I called Comcast and I was told we can have three converter boxes for free, but additional boxes would be fifty cents per month to have cable TV. What are other districts doing, if anything at all for cable in the classroom?

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