Speaking of Google Glitches, has anyone else had issues with delivery to
groups since March 6? I have filed a case with them and been "escalated,"
which I interpret as "we're not sure either"

Symptoms: some (but not all) group members do not get messages delivered.
Occasional delayed messages for those users, all messages show up on groups
page and most people DO get them. Have not been able to establish a
pattern, but no recent account or groups changes on our end: it just
stopped working.


On Mar 14, 2012, at 1:49 PM, "[log in to unmask]" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

I applied for membership a while back (because it was getting quiet on this
list) and it still says I'm not a member... So either the person is not
approving or google is glitching (again).  I'm happy with the

On Wed, Mar 14, 2012 at 12:01 PM, Elizabeth McCarthy <[log in to unmask]>wrote:

>  Who ever created the group made it so that people have to be approved
> before they can become a member, when I click on the link there is then an
> option to click on a link to “apply for membership”. Google Groups let you
> create groups that are private, public or invited members only. ****
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> Hi - The librarian at our school wants to join the google group here:
> But when signed into our school domain, we can't get there, join, etc.
> What am I not understanding? (Well, there's a lot I don't understand, but
> what about Google Groups don't I understand?)
> thanks,
> steve****


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