We've used Skype a number of times with great success, I'd recommend it highly.  I'd have to agree with Genevieve that it's most likely the less stressful option for the interview candidates - we've found that most already have accounts and are familiar with it....


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If candidates have a gmail account you could look at GooglePlus Hangout which allows up to ten people in a video conference, if you click on HangOuts with extras you can share a desktop and a google doc together . We have used Skype with a projector, it worked ok…some dropouts and our committee of 3 people were sitting extra close to be seen onscreen.


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It sounds like skype is the way to go.  We want to do some interviewing next week and I don't think I can pull off the LNV/Scopia option before then. 

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I was recently interviewed via Skype and I'd recommend it.  Yes, the camera angle can be awkward, but if you use a projector on your end, the interviewing committee can all see the candidate and the interviewee can see whoever the camera is focused on.  Keep in mind that Skype may also be the most readily available to your candidates. The interview process is stressful enough without adding a new or unfamiliar technology to it.

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How does LNV/Scopia desktop work?  I'm not really familiar with it.  At our high school they use LNV.  They have a high definition video camera.  

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LNV / Scopia Desktop


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