We have a fairly large pile (30 ish) if original G4 MacBooks.  We took them out of circulation because they'd become so slow as to be almost unusable, and the Power PC architecture prevented us from updating Flash, browsers, and many of the apps we need.  I installed Ubuntu on some of the machines to see if this would be a good way to get a few more years out of them (or to give them to needy families/students in the district).  But this is proving to be problematic; lots of driver issues, some hardware isn't recognized (the microphones, for example) and the machines continue to run really slowly.  This is not  true of old PCs running Ubuntu, so I figure I'm doing something wrong.  

I stalled Ubuntu 10.04 (the LTS version) for Power PC, and expected things to go much more smoothly than this.  Would installing an older version of Ubuntu solve the problem?  Another flavor of Linux?  I've used Ubuntu on other G4's without any problems, but those were desktops; is there something specific about the MacBooks which is causing our trouble?  


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