Hi Everyone.

While the registration doesn't open until this Wednesday, the Dynamic Landscapes site is up for your preview.  Go to and you will see it all including the daily Quick Views, the Full Program, the Keynotes, etc.  Additionally, there is a Printable Registration Form for those of you who wish to register that way and want to get a jump on the process.

You will also see, for the first time, Thursday afternoon/evening (4:30 - 7:30) hands on sessions some of which offer an iPad 3 or Android Tablet.  There are a limited number of these so if you are interested be sure to register early.

Posters and Flyers are being mailed out this week.  Please keep an eye out for them and make sure they get placed appropriately.  Thanks for the help. 

Please help us to get the word out.  This year's program looks to be one of the best yet with Strands on a wide variety of topics that will surely excite most educators.