I will agree with Ray about he limitations of an iPad despite the clear advantage of touch, portability and convenience. Although it can be done, the iPad is not designed as a "content creation device" and even when you invest in apps (which you will need to) it may not have the power and flexibility of a full OS and a set of local applications. I would agree with Logan that the iPad can offer "more" in some ways, but I think that is as much about the learning environment and instructional design as the device itself.

I would say the same about cloud tools: sufficient for most tasks, but there are still a few things (think: video editing) that are just not practical in the cloud. I see no need to shy away from local storage if it is available, although having as much as possible in the cloud seems the sensible route these days. Like iPads, there are occasional challenges getting content from one location/application to another and believe it or not there are still places in Vermont without wireless Internet. Are we 100% "cloud ready?"

Every choice has support, management, and budget implications and I HOPE that our choices are dictated primarily by the needs of our teachers and students. Thinking in terms of the functionality we want to provide to our teachers and students as well as the cost and support implications, my choice would be a netbook/notebook running a Linux OS. IMHO the "best bang for the buck."

Eric Hall
Technology Coordinator
Waterbury/Duxbury School District
Washington West SU

On Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 5:13 PM, Raymond Ballou <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

because the iPad is twice the price?

at the level of scale you mentioned, price is obviously a factor even if it is not a consideration.

as someone else mentioned it really depends on what you and your users expect out of the device.

if the plan is to "create" content, then an iPad has limitations.

if the plan is to "consume" content, then the Chromebook must have limiations (fewer apps?)

I am not saying that user desire isnt an important consideration, but my guess is that we can agree it isn't the only consideration.


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Why buy a computer limited to something that an iPad can do plus worlds more?

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