Thanks for sharing. Susan was at this meeting and we were hoping to piggyback on this great work... I have not had the chance to see it yet, however. So thanks again for sharing...

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This is the result of the NW Feb 10th Vita-Learn meeting, and I have to credit Lucie for it:

Interesting list of features

Features that were important at the University level were (reflecting "course management" needs)

- accessibility (e.g. works with jaws, any browser)
- assignment (with dropbox)
- blog
- calendar
- campus integration (single sign on, link to registration system)
- chatroom
- conditional release of materials (based on course progress)
- discussion lsts (themed and threaded)
- email
- gradebook (linked to course elements)
- groups (ad hoc, preassigned)
- quizzes (practice quizzes, take-home quizzes, midterms, )
-- question types (calculated, fill in the blank, multiple choice, multiple answer, paragraph, short answer, )
- wiki

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