Yes, most web hosts now allow you to install CMS (Joomla, WP, etc...)  and Moodle for no additional cost. I've recently created a Moodle 2.0 as a sandbox for one of our science teachers to see if it fits her needs for AP Bio. 

Elizabeth McCarthy

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We're using to host our Joomla site and they've got a great, easy Moodle install and hosting that would live in our web root directory.
I'm interested in exploring it as well.


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CCV moved from BB to moodle within the past year, would be interesting to hear how that experience went from the management side.

just checked in with a mutual user (one of mine, who also attends CCV) and she said moodle is working well for her.

she uses it all the time.

at that level of scale (statewide) cost is a huge issue

free scales nicely, but free tools that noone uses are not worth the money ...



"Cost" of course is really an issue of institutional structures ... a
statewide implementation, hosted by VSC, for example, might have
several advantages curriculum wise over the "every tub on it's own
bottom" model we're used to ..