or how did this turn out for Winooski?

"The meeting’s most contentious issue, however, was about personal laptops 
being given to students. The idea would be for each student to receive a 
laptop at the beginning of freshman year and to use it until graduation, 
eliminating the need for textbooks, Martineau said.

The $80,000 to fund this program would come from the Nellie Mae Education 
Fund, a $3.5 million grant jointly received by Winooski and Burlington schools.

Several citizens said they worried about students taking the laptops home 
with them after school and using them for Facebook and other social media 
purposes instead of for academic purposes. Others voiced concern about 
whether parents would have to pay if a student’s laptop were stolen or 

Martineau said many of the details still need to be worked out but that 
students wouldn’t be allowed to take the laptops home until they have 
demonstrated that they can use them responsibly.

“It would be a disservice to students for life after high school if they don’t 
learn how to appropriately use technology now,” Martineau said, adding that 
the school would address issues like cyberbullying and appropriate use of 
social networking."