Fourth International Conference on Argumentation, Rhetoric, Debate and 
the Pedagogy of Empowerment***

11-13 January 2013, Doha, Qatar
Qatar National Convention Center

Organized by QatarDebate Center

Affiliate organizations:

-World Debate Institute, University of Vermont, USA

-Za in Proti Institute for a Culture of Dialogue, Slovenia

-International Society for the Study of Argumentation, Netherlands

-International Center for the Advancement of Political Communication and 
Argumentation, USA


The conference will welcome scholars and educators from diverse fields 
for vigorous dialogue and exchange.  This conference will unite scholars 
of argumentation and rhetoric, teachers, and organizers of local, 
national and international debating networks to discuss critical 
thinking and advocacy discourse through pedagogy.  We intend for the 
conference to welcome all who are involved in public discussions and 
debates about different issues.

This conference is extremely timely.  A global information society which 
seeks reasoned solutions to problems through broad citizen involvement 
needs to develop and refine techniques for criticizing and validating 
ideas through discourse and then impart these to new generations of 
citizens if we are to create a better future and avoid looming crises.  
This conference represents a unique opportunity to share ideas, network 
and cross-fertilize with global critical thinkers.

This conference is unique:
-Civilizations will meet and exchange ideas.
-Proceedings will be in English and Arabic, simultaneous translation of 
all events.
-Hosted in Qatar, one of the most beautiful, safest and international 
destinations in the world, the center of learning in the Arabic world.
-All accepted presentations will be published in a printed volume.

*Keynote Speakers
Argumentation and Rhetoric:*
Dr. Frans van Eemeren, University of Amsterdam.
Dr. Othmane ba Othmane, Saudi Arabia
Dr. Aisha Al Mennai, Qatar
Dr. Gordon Mitchell, University of Pittsburgh.
*Critical Thinking/Pedagogy:*
Adiba Shareen, Malaysia Institute for Debate and Public Speaking, Malaysia
Arabic Keynote, to be announced soon.

Three previous conferences have been held, one in Koper, Slovenia, one 
in Ljubljana, Slovenia and the third in Maribor, Slovenia The fourth conference is 
planned for 11-13 January 2013 in Doha, Qatar. The fourth conference is 
a unique opportunity to include the rapid scholarly and academic 
advancement of the Arabic world into this work, pioneered by QatarDebate 
and the Qatar Foundation.

Hundreds of scholars, teachers and students from all over the world have 
attended and made presentations at the previous conferences. Attendees 
have come from Australia, Belgium, Belorussia, Canada, Chile, China, 
Croatia, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Iran, 
Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, 
Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sudan, Sweden, Uganda, 
United Kingdom, United States of America, and Venezuela.

We welcome presentations, workshops, and poster sessions in English and 
Arabic from scholars, teachers and active citizens from around the 
world. Our goal is to open the way for in-depth discussions, debates, 
and the sharing of ideas that will enable more enlightened discourse in 
the 21^st Century.

The program for the conference will have three themes.  Submissions are 
encouraged to center their work on one of the three themes and to submit 
proposals to the appropriate conference division.  Interdisciplinary 
work that might fit into more than one category is very welcome. All 
parts of the program will involve simultaneous translation using English 
and Arabic.

*Argumentation and rhetoric. *The use of logic and reason to criticize 
and analyze ideas through communication.  Those interested in research 
on argumentation theory, criticisms of communication acts and 
scholarship on argumentation practice are encouraged to submit to this 
division. English - Chair: David Williams, Florida Atlantic University, 
USA [log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]>, committee members Frans van 
Eemeren, University of Amsterdam, Satoru Aonuma, Tsuda College, Japan. 
Arabic -- Chair: Abdel Latif Sellami, QatarDebate [log in to unmask] 
<mailto:[log in to unmask]>

*Debate. *The use of formal argumentation forums to educate and empower 
citizens. Those interested in work on the practice and theory of debate 
competition, public debates, research on the impact of debate for 
participants, and theorizing about debate paradigms are encouraged to 
submit to this division. English -- Chair: Bojana Skrt, ZIP Slovenia 
[log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]>, committee members 
Allan Louden, Wake Forest University USA, Steve Woods, Western 
Washington University. Arabic -- Chair: Abdul Gabbar Al Sharafi 
[log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]>

*Critical thinking/pedagogy. *Teaching and the methodology of teaching 
in the active classroom.  Those interested in using debate, discussion 
and argumentation in classrooms, discussion of experiences and teaching 
lessons relating to communication and critical thinking are encouraged 
to submit to this division. English -- Chair: Alfred Snider, 
[log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]>, committee members 
Debbie Newman, DebateMate, UK, Loke Wing Fatt, SAID, Singapore. Arabic 
-- Chair: Abed Naji Al Sameai [log in to unmask] 
<mailto:[log in to unmask]>



Go to the website and download the application form. Decide which 
committee to submit your application to, fill out the form and send it 
by email. Make sure to follow instructions. Applications should specify 
paper presentation, workshop, poster session or panel.

US$300 travel grants will be awarded to those with extraordinary 
presentations who face financial barriers.See website for details.



Those not making presentations are cordially invited to attend, ask 
questions at sessions and get involved.

Based on local costs, the registration for the fourth conference is 
comparable to the third conference. Payment can be by wire transfer or 
in cash on arrival. See website for details.

*Full Registration: $500 (you get a lot for it)
*-Four nights in a four star hotel (we are negotiating to upgrade to a 
five star facility).
-All meals: breakfast and dinner in the hotel, lunch at the conference 
site, snacks and coffee breaks.
-Transportation to and from the conference hotel and the Qatar National 
Convention Center.
-Admission to all conference events, panels and workshops.
-Conference formal dinner.
-Visa arrangements ($181 value for USA citizens).
-Field Trips: Islamic Museum of Art, Desert Safari and other choices.
-Conference kit and materials along with personal gifts.

*Conference Registration only: $150 ($100 students)
*-Admission to all conference events, panels and workshops.
-Transportation to and from the conference hotel and the Qatar National 
Convention Center, not available to and from other hotels.
-Lunch, snacks and coffee breaks during day sessions.
-Conference formal dinner.
-Visa arrangements ($181 value for USA citizens).
-Proof of student status required for student rate.
-Conference kit and materials along with personal gifts.

Please circulate this information to colleagues and others who might be 

Feel free to contact me with additional questions (insert your email 

See you in Doha!


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