Good Morning

There seems to be a strange reluctance of posting to this list.  Being both a novice and an avid birder I have posted a number of mis-identified birds to the list.  I have learned a lot from the comments of other birders.  For instance I now know the difference from a house finch and a purple finch.  I accidentally posted a tree sparrow as a tree swallow and took some gentle ribbing.  I also learned to edit my e-mails before before hitting the send button (and having at least to cups of coffee before writing an e-mail).  We learn from our mistakes.

I will say that we have had some crazy weather this year and it has messed with some of the bird migration patterns.  Some of the birds are arriving early; however only a couple of weeks early and the cooler weather due to arrive later this week will slow down the migration.  For instance I have my humming bird feeder out for early migrants and I expect them to be delayed arriving in VT.  None have been seen in Vermont; however they have been reported in Ontario!!  Maybe there is one lurking in the brush behind my yard.

Good Birding

Bob is West Arlington