Do you know temp ranges for GS? Does it have to be totally frost free or can certain life stages survive some freezing?
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It was an Infans Moth. I get this kind of report all most every year. During the atlas, I got a few photos and specimens of them. Remember to just glance at the antennae. If they don't have clubs, its a moth.


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While anything is possible this year (back to reality tonight low of teens Brrrrrrrr), I have been reading heads up posts from Harry in Virginia. I don't believe he has found crescents yet. This year though, anyone's guess. I have seen a number of infans already. Are you sure it wasn't? Another line, I wonder how far north the Giant Swallowtails over wintered this season? As I missed most of the Vt. fun last season. 1 brief view and I couldn't even hobble out to see the cats at Clearbrook as I was on my back, I want another shot. Kevin
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HELP!   No picture unfortunately.... but 3 days ago i spotted what I thought was a crescent on my gravel drive... a very common location.  I was without binos, camera too far away but I tried to get a closer look when it landed.  The size was correct, the top hind wing correct, but the top forward winds appeared to be mostly black, not orange with black markings.  It was not a infant moth... more reddish than the crescent orange.

?? Would a crescent be flying this early?  Has this color variation been noticed by anyone else? 

PS - there was a dead garter snake in the vicinity of the feeding? crescent? too!

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While birding on the 22nd noted 5 Cabbage Whites in various places in Shaftsbury, Bennington and Pownal. Also seen Mourning Cloaks, and Eastern Commas. A search of Mile Around Woods on the 23rd for WV Whites was unsuccessful. It appears they are smarter than their European cousins. The host plant is just beginning to sprout though. Link to a picture of it. The Hepatica and Claytonia are flowering and I even spotted a Garter Snake.

E. Dorset, Vermont