Dear MEDLIB-L subscribers,

Have you noticed you are periodically removed from MEDLIB-L for no
discernible reason? Have you suddenly realized you're not getting MEDLIB-L
messages and have to re-subscribe?

You may have been the victim of either your institution's firewall or you
may have missed the annual MEDLIB-L renewal reminder email.

MEDLIB-L subscribers are asked annually to confirm their MEDLIB-L
subscription, with an automated notice giving you 14 days to renew. Don't
wait! Please renew when you get the message.

If you know you've renewed and still are dropped, or if you're dropped
regularly, your institution's firewall may have been updated and MEDLIB-L
messages are being rejected, leading to your being dropped from the list.
In this instance, make a request to your institution's IT department
the addresses* <[log in to unmask]> and <[log in to unmask]> in order
to ensure you do not continue having this problem.

If the problem persists, please contact Chao Cheng <[log in to unmask]> or
Kate Corcoran <[log in to unmask]> at MLA headquarters.

Christine Marton, PhD
MEDLIB-L Coordinator
[log in to unmask]