I rec'd an overwhelming response to my question! First of all, there
always seems to be a fine line of the definition of a "search". To me,
it is conducting the initial search of a list of articles pertaining to
the topic. Some think it is the obtaining of the articles. For those
few, they would not charge the patron if they could get the article for
free but if there is a charge would ask if the patron would pay for it.


19 responses said they do not charge & would perform the search request
with no question as to how it was to be used. They feel literature
search requests are for ongoing education which benefits the employee &
the hospital & since the hospital reimburses employees for education
then the hospital is also paying for the library services. Some feel
that students don't' get good training or advice from their school
libraries. But if the search is out of their scope of medical/nursing,
the patron is told the library will do the search but with limited
resources or will refer the student to their university liason.


11 responses said they would help the student to do the search & assist
them in any way if it was not work-related, but not actually perform it.
They will tell the student if the library does the search, there is a
charge but if the patron does it there is no charge. 


4 responses said they will refer the person back to their university if
the library's time is limited.


3 responses said college libraries are charging fees now.


For patient care, all libraries would do the search at no charge.



I should clarify that also, I am not a degreed librarian. My title is
Systems Librarian only because our state consortia likes to have one
person to contact who can trouble shoot computer issues, training &
various things having to do with our automation system. Our library
director position was eliminated in 2000 & I just assumed some of her
duties at the time. At times I don't feel qualified to do the searches.
When I bring that up, I am told to go to free searching classes online
or within our state system. I have shown the powers that be a copy of
library standards from MLA but they don't want to hire a degreed
librarian. However, we have been told there will be restructuring within
the next year.


Thanks again!



GayLynn Burchett >^..^<


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