...but it gave us our upper body workouts that we now have to go to the gym to get!

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Not to mention that those multiple volumes were so huge that just lifting them on and off the shelves was a major effort!
Sometimes the "good ole days" weren't really that good!

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Not to mention the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth, the closest thing to "Medline" was the multiple annual volumes of Index Medicus, which came dark red, blue and green flavors ... supplemented (by the well off libraries) with proof sheets from Current Contents and the key word in context volumes of "Science Citation Index"

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>>> hanksell  03/01/12 1:46 PM >>>
I'm a much older dog (there are still a few of us around), as I was at NLM training just a little while before the database became available to libraries (1970).  I still refer to the database as Medline.

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>Ha! I guess I am a really old dog then. ;-)
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>On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 10:45 AM, shannon clever
>> For us really old dogs, MEDLINE is the data, PUBMED or whatever, is
>> interface to it.
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>> Subject: Re: Question and Frustrations
>> On the first, "usually." :)  Some things are intended as
e-supplements or
>> just regular e-content & aren't likely to go hard copy, but at least
>> the present if something shows up as electronic full-text  it should
>> part of the eventual print version.
>> On the other, I don't know if there *is* a universal solution -- old
>> new tricks, as it were.  Some aggregators still compartmentalize the 
>> separate MEDLINE files like we used to search back in the day, but
>> '97 NLM has treated all the backfiles as an integral part of PUBMED. 
>> et al. may break them down into chunks again for their servers'
>> convenience, & if so there's probably not a lot anyone can do about
>> other than to just make it part of the boilerplate when teaching,
>> "when you see/hear 'MEDLINE,' just think 'PUBMED,' because that's
what it
>> really is."
>> JHOH$.02W -- other folks' mileage may vary., :)
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>> Subject: Question and Frustrations
>> I have a question for you all this morning.....a doctor asked me if
>> article is epublished (whether epub ahead of print or corrected
>> will it come out in print eventually.
>> Also my problem of the day is this....I know the difference between 
>> Medline and PubMed. However, I am constantly trying to explain the 
>> difference to nurses, nursing students, physicians and just about 
>> everyone else. I wish we could settle on one name.  Clinical Key,
>> and all the other separate databases refer to Medline. Nursing 
>> instructors tell their students to search Medline and then they get 
>> confused when I teach them how to find their full text articles in 
>> PubMed.
>> Frustrating.
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