At 09:10 AM 3/7/2012, S H wrote:

>ok, I misspoke...the SLC locals dont' ski at The Canyons...yes PC 
>locals do, but there are far fewer than SLC altogether. I bet that 
>every PC local with a Canyons pass was there. It's all relative
>check this 

I was there, too. It was hardly a powder day - but certainly tons of 
new snow in a lean year plus stellar clear skies brought out pretty 
much everyone. The main reason for the long lines at Collins and 
Wildcat mid-morning wasn't the crowding but the mechanical issues 
Collins was having.

And yes, a lot of SLC locals do indeed ski in PC, including Canyons. 
Recall that there is a significant number of snow sliding enthusiasts 
who are unable to go to Alta.

>and I also misspoke re: cottonwoods. I meant that the tree skiing in 
>the Cottonwoods is not very expansive...the tree skiing at The 
>Canyons and PowMow are much better than the Cottonwoods.



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