In their best effort to support truancy in central Vermont on Town 
Meeting Day, Mad River Glen offered free skiing to all Vermont kids of 
school age today. Neil and Stuart, seniors in high school this year, 
chose to forego senior Ditch Day yesterday in order to have their own 
senior Ski Day with Dad today. And it was good.

Conditions were good -- not "wow-write-a-glowing-report-to-SKIVT-L" 
spectacular, but soft-packed-powder good. We poked around in the woods a 
bit, but as all the lines we tried were about as packed out as the 
trails, we had about as good a time on the trails. The sun was blazing, 
the music was cranking, and the lift lines were absent. Not 
surprisingly, there were a fair amount of kids there, including a bunch 
of junior racers running an inexplicable Tuesday morning slalom race.

For the past couple of years, Neil has been skiing quite a bit with me, 
but Stuart had taken a bit of a teenage hiatus from skiing. Today was 
his first day on skis in at least two years, possibly three. I was a bit 
worried about how much he might have regressed during that long absence 
from the snow, but it was immediately apparent that the answer to that 
question was: not one little bit. I needn't have worried. He pretty much 
picked up right where he left off, skiing circles around his dad. We 
skied bumps, we skied groomers, we skied woods, and we finished with a 
roaring run carving turns down Vixen and Bunny.

I've been writing here on and off about my adventures skiing with my 
kids since they were little tots, and now the youngest twins are about 
to head off to college. I'm sure there will be times when they come home 
from college or wherever their life takes them, and ski a few runs with 
their old man, but for the most part those years of family ski days are 
drawing to a close, and today I made the most of it not with 
magazine-quality skiing, but just by being out there with my boys. That 
alone made it memorable.

Dave G.

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