With another 6-9" so far and still snowing, that brings the 3,000ft total to
61" in the past 8 days.  Yes, that's 5 feet in 8 days and one of the best
stretches of skiing I've had in years.  I see Smuggs is reporting 63" in
that same 8 day period, so there's some consistency there.  What a great
storm cycle for the northern Greens and the snowpack is now deep.  I have
41" of depth at my 1,500ft snow stake... that's impressive for that low in
elevation so you can easily ski anything to RT 108 with confidence.

Photos from today...Dylan doesn't even have to try to get face shots anymore.

Upper elevation woods are pretty caked with snow.

Even down low there's 4+ feet on the ground.  Good spring snowpack now.  I
got stuck on the wrong side of this stream at the bottom of Hazelton; stream
crossings are not easy right now with fear of dropping 5 feet into water, haha.

Should be a good Friday Ski Club tomorrow...

-Scott B.

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