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>Hard to believe, but the stake is now higher than it was last year on this
>same day. And Scott, you may say that Stowe never skied so well last year
>(certainly there was never such a snowy week, although early December 2010
>was close)... but for the lower elevations last year was an entirely
>different story at this point.

Do you mean like low, low elevations like Champlain Valley and below
1,000ft?  Its been atrocious on the lower elevations west of the Spine, but
east of the Spine up in this area the numbers are borderline shocking to me
as they are identical to last season at this juncture.  

Last Thursday afternoon I had a depth of 42" at the 1,500ft Barnes Camp snow
stake, which is within shouting distance of the Notch parking lot at the end
of RT 108 here at Stowe.  That tied my maximum depth recorded last year
which occurred on March 8th after that big snowstorm.  The snowpack from
top-to-bottom on Mansfield was/is just as big as it was last year at its
highest point which to me is just astonishing given the general weather

Likewise, at our 3,000ft snow stake off Perry Merrill/High Road, the
snowpack is just as deep (70") as it was when it maxed out last year.  Last
year there was a bigger difference between our 3,000ft stake and the fabled
stake at 3,800ft as the summit stake got near 100" IIRC, while ours only got
to 73".  You can tell, too, as all the on-mountain glades are quite filled
in.  I can't speak for other out-of-bounds shots or chutes, but given only
195" of snowfall so far this season (compared with over 250" at this time
last year), its a pretty healthy snowpack.


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