Had an awesome FSC skiing with a variety of different people... last FSC of
the lift serviced season here at Stowe and thanks to some new snow and sun,
it should be a fun closing weekend.  Here's today's recap on how much of a
difference 2" of snow can make to the skiing product...

Pulled into the lot at o' dark thirty and found about an inch and a half of
snow from last night's snow showers.

There was a line-up of around 10-12 people this morning waiting for the
chair to open on this big, 2" powder day (2" was a good average for what was
on the hill, the wind pushed it all over the place though).  I'm glad we got
in line because the drifts on Nosedive were primed for Greg Petrics to rip a
face shot.

Then I met up with New England Cable News weatherman Tim Kelley for some
powder laps on Centerline to Gulch route.


Then I met up with Julie and JJ...

And then I had to go in for a bit, and when I came out Wes and Scotty D had
joined the pack.  Several runs down the bump route of Centerline to Gulch
provided entertainment, but non-bump runs were also fun.

Even the groomed surface was soft and smooth.

Then we went on an adventure and were not disappointed.  For some reason 2"
was enough and all it took to re-energize the skiing up there.

On Monday the entire mountain becomes 100% open if you have skins...I'm
looking forward to the second season after the chairlift season.


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