This is one of the main drop zones we skied at Robson Helimagic during the two days we were skiing there. You are looking roughly west-southwest in the photo.  This range is not actually the Cariboos, but rather, east across the main Valemount valley in the Rocky Mountains.  The main base is about five km or so down the main valley you see in the central-left of the photo.  Runs spill off both sides of the tall central ridgeline.  As well, we skied a number of runs off both sides of the peak facing the photographer on the far left.  The runs running off the central ridgeline are roughly 3000 vertical feet, the runs on the other side of the valley about 2000 feet.
Nothing to overwork the adrenal glands (the avi risk was far too high to permit us to get into the high alpine zones), just good, fun, deep powder skiing nonetheless. 


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