Hello all.

I'm sad to tell you all that I'll be moving down to NY and no longer
around to help out with tasks that require my physical presence. That
said, I'm psyched about the future and think you'll all be doing great
stuff going forwards. The CSSA has been the single most inspiring and
enlightening aspect of my UVM experience and I am exponentially
grateful for all of you.

Ok, enough mushy stuff. Elections.

 I've not been very good at getting in-person events and meetings
outside of CS95/195 going, and we are a telepresent and telexistant
group by nature anyway, so if you all would like, we can discuss and
hold elections here on the list (or on IRC), but I'm happy to set
something up in person (with some pizze perhaps?) if there's interest
in doing it that way. Regardless of the forum, we should decide which
positons should exist going forwards, and who might be best to fill

If you'd like to vote, or make a nomination or give some input about
structure/positions, reply here and we'll see what comes up.