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The Center for Cultural Pluralism presents its final screening today, Wednesday, April 25th as part of the Spring 2012 Social Justice Film Series - "Vincent Who?" Below are the details and a copy of the film poster has been attached to help promote this program. We appreciate your support. 

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012
12 PM - 104 Allen House
7:30 PM - Rm 216 Living/Learning Commons
A brief discussion of the themes follows each screening.

About the film: In 1982, a murder awakened a people and ignited the Asian American civil rights movement. Chinese American Vincent Chin was sought out and beaten to death by Detroit autoworkers targeted specifically because auto jobs were being lost to Japan. Chin was not Japanese. Exploring the legacy of the Vincent Chin case, this powerful film asks how far Asian Americans have come and how far they have yet to go. {Run time: 40 minutes}

About the  Social Justice Film Series
: Brought to you by the Center for Cultural Pluralism, the Spring 2012 Social Justice Film Series theme is 'Conversations at the Crossroads' and offers participants an educational opportunity to explore through film and subsequent discourse and engage issues of identity in its various forms, visible and invisible. Films selected for the Social Justice Film Series have two viewings and are generally screened up to a half hour and followed by an engaged discourse on the themes by the participants. To be respectful of your time, it is our hope that this entire educational program does not exceed ninety minutes. 

About the Center for Cultural Pluralism: Established in 1999 at the Allen House, the Center for Cultural Pluralism (CCP) is dedicated to helping UVM achieve its core mission to provide quality multicultural education in order to equip faculty, staff and students with the competencies necessary to function in a diverse world. Focusing on the complex intersections of issues of culture and social justice, the Center offers a unique “Cultural Hub” where individuals and organizations working on behalf of cultural diversity and social justice issues can collaborate and coalesce.

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