Hi EWBers,
Heres the update on the oven: 
Floyd plans to  weld the hinges and put the peiziometers onto the pans tomorrow morning.

We need some extra hands anytime you can make it from 8:30-10:30am tomorrow morning, to help install the piping and fittings for the drainage pipe. It will be fun work! If you can, just go to the shop. 

If all goes well, we will be able to transport the pans at 2pm to the site. Sebastian D. can give rides.
At that time we will place the pans on the oven, confirm the location of the drain outlet, and then mortar the bricks around the outlet. We plan to be completed at 4pm. We won't be able to fire the oven because the mortar has to set. 
The weather is looking rainy on Saturday. Its not going to rain on Sunday. Can anyone help Sunday morning between 9-12? 
questions: 206-499-8282