Heres the Update: 

 -Pans were delivered to the site Friday afternoon, thanks to a scramble of work all day and lots of help from Floyd.
-Sunday, we met at the site and chisled all morning, to make room for the hose fittings and the drainage pipe out the side of the oven frame.
-Confirmed that the manifold is water tight!!
-Purchased all the necessary fittings for all the hose and drainge pipe connections, and confirmed they all work!

So plan: This week looks wet and cold, so cementing bricks isn't really possible by Friday, unless it clears up. We can look into ways to do a firing with the bricks just set in place with insulation, but this may not work.

At this point we need 1 day to cement, 1 day to let it set, and then were good to go to Fire! Ill keep updates going through the week (listserv and facebook).

Thanks to all who have brought us to this point. Its exciting to see the Pans ready to go!

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