Hi Allison,
That Banner application was deployed "as delivered" from the vendor. 
Unfortunately, it is know to be a little buggy. My guess would be this 
is on Gail's list of items to look at - but probably not anywhere near 
the top. Sorry there's no quick fix for this issue.


On 4/3/12 3:30 PM, Alison Merel Pechenick wrote:
> Greetings,
> Interface: -> Advisee List -> ... -> "Student Week at a 
> Glance"
> Would it be possible to set the default date for this to "today"?
> Thus far this spring semester, it's been showing me the week of 
> Christmas break 2011; now it's showing July 9, 2012 (presumably 
> because the student has enrolled in summer courses).
> I typically use this to schedule an appointment for later this week.
> Could embellish further to always displaying the first week, starting 
> today, in which school is in session, but don't want to ruin all 
> chance of earning that elusive extra credit, whatever Ben's criteria 
> happen to be.
> :-)
> Thanks for considering the question,
> Alison

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