This evenings work went longer then expected due to some host problems we encountered.  We are currently finished for the evening.

After talking with support this week about Tuesdays upgrades, we made a few additions to our upgrade procedure to better protect the UVM email system since it saw some trouble on Tuesday night.  Those precautions seem to have helped as we didn't see any problems with email tonight.

We did experience problems with a handful of VMware guests experiencing disk timeouts, and ended up rebooting some of those guests.  We'll talk with support again and see if they can make further recommendations.

If you were effected by an outage this evening, my apologies.


On 4/3/12 9:45 AM, Kent Saunders wrote:
[log in to unmask]" type="cite"> The storage subsystems that provide the foundation for many central services will have a software component upgraded to address bug fixes and to provide new features for storage administration.  Similar upgrades have been performed in the past without service interruption, and we expect this upgrade to follow suit.  No outages are expected.  These upgrades will occur at three different times starting with the systems in our backup data center, and is planned this way to stagger any risk that might be involved.

Systems effected include (but not limited to):
- Email
- Fileservices (zoo/AD/zoofiles/etc.)
- VMware guests
- UVM websites
- PeopleSoft
- Banner
- Portal
- Blackboard

1) Tuesday, April 3rd, 9pm-11pm
2) Thursday, April 5th, 9pm-11pm
3) TBD

If there are any concerns, please let me know.

Kent Saunders

Sr. Systems Administrator
Systems Architecture & Administration
Enterprise Technology Services
University of Vermont