Good morning,

Yesterday we experienced bad performance in Peoplesoft pretty much all day.
We had applied some minor maintenance and when we experienced the
performance issue we naturally assumed that the maintenance was the 
cause and we backed that maintenance out.

But... performance was still bad.

Turns out the root cause was a degradation in performance of one of the 
large storage nodes (SANS)
where we host our Peoplesoft ORACLE databases. A longstanding software 
defect finally bit us.
SAA had been upgrading this software on other SANS in a rolling fashion 
which is standard procedure
to minimize risks. This array must have realized it was going to be 
repaired soon and decided
to cause as much trouble as it could before then.

SAA worked with IBM through the night and we believe all is well at this 

Again, we apologize for failing to prevent this disruption in service.

While we believe all is well at this point, should you experience any 
performance issues with Peoplesoft,
please send me an email.  mailto:[log in to unmask]

Keith Kennedy
Director Enterprise Application Services
Michael Grundhauser
Director Database Services