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On 4/3/12 12:02 PM, Wesley Alan Wright wrote:
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CTL has been experimenting with BigBlueButton, which is similar to Adobe Connect, but free and open source

Our installation:


BigBlueButton home


We're using a simple Drupal site as a front end to handle authentication and authorization

	o Any Faculty member can create a meeting

	o or login using a departmental NetID and password to create a meeting

	o create a meeting open to just uvm, or open to all with a password

I'm the point person

On Apr 3, 2012, at 11:01 AM, Colleen MacKinnon wrote:

What is the experience with virtual conferencing on campus; i.e.,
recommended software, faculty support, location, point person for more
questions, etc. 

Thanks for all ideas.
-Colleen MacKinnon
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