Teaching and Learning in Virtual Worlds, a one credit graduate course through the Marlboro College Graduate School, begins May 5.

This fully on-line course will give you a chance to dip your toes or take a full dive into a variety of 3D social virtual worlds and games. We will examine research and theory about immersive environments, games, simulations and their pedagogical implications.  We’ll consider the social, interpersonal, cultural, instructional, and technical implications of virtual worlds, and experiment with developing instructional experiences within them.

The course will occur within a combination of virtual learning environments including Moodle, Second Life and World of Warcraft. You will learn to navigate within these virtual worlds by creating an avatar (digital representation of self), communicating with others, moving and using the map, creating and using educational tools, and meeting with other educators in the virtual world.

In addition to the aysynchronous activities that you might expect in an online course, this course will offer a variety of synchronous events. We will attempt to schedule these events to accommodate participants and summer demands.

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