I would love to see this.

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How about we agree on a date and disconnect for the day?  We can use it as a day to talk about cyber bullying, ethics, sexting, healthy relationships, etc.  We could even go to the point of not allowing any electronic devices (including those high tech overhead projectors).  It should be an opportunity for some good old fashioned teaching and a day where we can stress the importance of the human connection.  It could also be a great reminder of how much work everyone (tech staff, school boards, teachers, administration, etc.)  has done to bring in and use technology. 


Since we will need to give teachers plenty of time to adjust their plans around not having electronics and schools will need time to raise awareness of the event to encourage kids to turn off their phones for the day, how about we about we plan to stick a cork in the tubes connecting us on the final Wednesdays of May?  This year that’s going to be May 30th.


Who’s up for a day to tune in, turn off, and unplug… or something like that?





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Bram, we don't have permission to see the link.  Interesting idea!


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Danville is doing Screen-Free Week next week (during our Spring Break).  For more:

Sounds like "those that can't do, teach" again....but I'm going to do it for real! It helps I have some pieces to learn on the piano.



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Excellent article! I'll be passing this on to my CCV - Intro to Multimedia students. Thnx
for the heads up. PS- I personally put myself on a Facebook fast in the fall & am still on
it, life in the slow lane for this geekette.



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