Hi Sylvia, We are nowhere near 1:1, but John Meyer our IT person and myself are looking at using the Lion Server Profile Manager.  John has installed it on our server and after break we’ll be configuring.  There is a one-time cost to download it but as I understand it, it will allow us to configure and ‘push’ updates to the iPads wirelessly.  That’s about all I know, but I bet there are others on this listserv who are already doing this.





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Subject: 1:1 deployments of iPads


Our school is considering moving to iPads in our 1:1 program.  One of our concerns is management.  I am interested in hearing how other schools are managing these devices as 1:1, not so much in cart deployments (though we do have some of those planned for our young grades).  Our students in the 1:1 would be 7/8 graders (12-14+ years old), but eventually, would include our 6th graders (11+). 


Thanks in advance. 



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