Rob, a couple questions... 
Why are you not using Absolute with the grade 5 student's iPads?  Is it age restriction?  Jeff did say he thought Absolute and Casper both worked with iTune accts and the user agreement states age as 13.  

After the initial setup, is your grade 5 deployment fairly hands-off for IT?  Do the teachers/students pretty much manage them?

Also, when you say that "that they are allowed to view student iPads"  I assume you mean physically walking over?  I have been asked if there is monitoring software available but really haven't found anything.  We don't use it much here, but we do have it on our computers so we can if we feel the need.  

Our teachers who went to see iPads in use at Enosburg (thanks so much!) did emphasize with administration how critical PD was for a successful program.  Let's hope this didn't fall on deaf ears!


On Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 8:48 AM, Robert Gervais <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Hi Sylvia,
Can't give you much more than what you probably already know from talking with Jeff and Rhonda in Fairfax, but here's an outline of what we've done for management in Enosburg.  We did setup Lion server and tested some of it's features, but it didn't do what we needed so we've invested in Absolute Manage.  I have not closely investigate Apple's new management utility.

Volume Purchasing: We have 1 purchasing account (facilitator) and IT are the only people allowed to purchase Apps & Books.  We track purchases on our own shared spreadsheet by App and indicate which budget purchased it (ie: Grant funded, Special Ed, etc).  We send voucher codes to teachers for installation and ask that they use the Generic Teacher account to install, understanding that they could use any account to do the installation, but we communicate why it's done this way and most teachers comply.  Right now students don't install Apps...will be changing very soon.

Grade 5, 1:1, 60 devices:
  • iphone configuration utility to set profiles controlling wifi password, and removing youtube (Principal request b/c of inappropriate popular videos that show up)
  • 1 generic student account that students do not know password to
  • App store is enabled but students are trusted not to attempt to download/sync with personal accounts...and it works!
  • Teachers deploy apps by asking students to turn on automatic updates (Apps, iBooks, Music), then when they make the purchase -either free, or through a voucher IT sends them- students automatically have it downloaded to their device
  • We also have important teacher-parent management steps in place, but it sounds like you are looking for tech management, right?
Grades 9-12, 350+ devices:
  • we are right in the middle of deploying Absolute Management which will make life alot easier.  Can't report on how effective it is yet, but it's very promising!
  • iphone config restrictions similar to Elementary, but students can NOT install Apps, Music, sync
  • 1 student account per grade level (85-90 students per grade) helps us manage  syncing, installing/updating Apps, deploying books, etc.  
  • Find my iPad/iCloud.  Locate, lock, message, and wipe devices.  Very important and used too much to be without!  Absolute will enhance this service, but won't replace it.
  • Student "tech interns" help us manage deployments and updates, so they are trusted with profile passwords.  They routinely sync, backup and update other students' iPads.
  • You didn't ask about teacher PD...this is huge.  Did I mention this was huge?  Teachers really have to manage the devices in the classroom, understand that they are allowed to view student iPads, remove pictures, delete apps if necessary, and immediately report problems.  This does not happen automatically!!!
I know this is just a skeleton of the management, and it's been evolving since we started, but I'd be happy to invite you in and spend some time showing you how we've got things setup.  Please keep in mind that this will change somewhat as we begin using Absolute Manage.

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