Some folks asked me to share info I received on hoop houses. 

Lots of farms offered for me to stop by and see their houses which is very generous of sharing their knowledge and time. 
we put up a high tunnel last year from Ledgewood Farm. Scott highly recommends working with them. 
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - they have info on hoop houses 

Kansas State runs a great List Serv on hoophouses. Lots of good info and you can sift through the archives of discussions as well as run searches on different topics. 

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i'm getting a third hoophouse this summer. there are tons of suggestions out there. my philosophy centers around snow removal. smaller houses do better in the snow. 

Drainage is an issue so pick a level spot 

Use poly not cotton rope on outside of house 

venting at each end of house(ridge) as well as sides . rig up rope and pulley system 

line around base of house with wood for weed wacker protection. 

ATTRA has an article on-line about considerations for design of hoop house 

The Hoophouse Handbook from Growing for Market 

Winter Harvest Handbook Chelsea Green Publishing/e-bay 
Four Season Harvest 

It's not rocket science but the corners best be square to start! 

Talking to other farmers who have put up a house or two seemed the most valuable source of info. Thanks to all the farmers who took the time to chat with me and showed me things to do and not to do! 

Good luck and happy growing season to all! 

Terry Marron 
Williston VT 05495 
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