I have limited quantities of good, disease free,low generation seed left.

Reba - round white, mid-season storage variety  $15/ 50 lb bag
Superior - round white, early variety  $20/ bag (more expensive because it is first generation - G1)
Kennebec - round white, mid-season storage variety  $20/ bag
Chieftain - red skin, white flesh storage variety  $15/ bag
Peter Wilcox - purple skin, yellow flesh specialty variety  $30/ bag (G1)
German Butterball - yellow skin, yellow flesh, late season, specialty variety  $30/ bag (G1)

Call 802-433-5930 if you'd like additional info on any of these varieties. All seed is either first or second generation. Reba and Chieftain are "B" size. The others are size"A".