Much better than expected.

Skied both days with Mike Angle and we had a great time.  Warm and
sunny on Saturday, cloudy on Sunday.  By the afternoon on each day
there were 6 basic routes from the top: Nosedive, Liftline, Upper
Hayride, Centerline, Lord and Sunrise.  Good bumps on Centerline and
Gulch.  Lots of bumps on LIftline, but icy on top.

The surprise was that there was still a bit of tree skiing.  There was
a nice line down through Slalom glade.  We liked cutting into the trees
abouve Bypass, taking a very thin Bypass over to National and doing the
last face of National.  This was all "skis on" with just a couple of
brief slides on grass/mud/rock.

The upper part of Nosedive was quite the deathslide on Sunday, as no
grooming was performed.  Lower Nosedive was getting thin, but the
rest of the open trails had lots of snow.  I can't figure out why
Stowed decided to close.  There were reasonable crowds on both days.


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