At 12:32 PM 4/18/2012, Leigh Daboll wrote:
>The two best P&Ss on the market right now have to be either the Olympus XZ-1
>(which I use, and absolutely love) or the Canon S90/95 series.  Big, bright
>lenses and reasonable sharpness, with full RAW controls.

Crap! I wrote SX100....but I was thinking S100, a very different 
camera that replaces the S95 and has the same sensor/firmware as the G-series.

>The downside to either is that they still don't deliver DSLR quality 
>(although close) and
>they still don't work well above ISO400.

Since there are a lot of different ways, I'm curious as to your 
definition of "DSLR quality".

One other comment:
"The best camera is the one you have with you when the shot appears."


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