On 4/16/2012 2:38 PM, S H wrote:
> what is disgusting about women in their underwear?

In general, nothing.  Absolutely nothing.
> is it more disgusting than men in their underwear?

In general, far from it.
> were the women dancing? or just changing their clothes?

I'd like to know this too.
> was it disgusting in an erotic way? or more of a bile-in-your-throat 
> kinda way?

Don't think I want to know that part, though.
> were they bikini panties or granny panties?

This calls for WAY too much information.  I would request that the OPs 
not answer and leave my shameful fantasies intact, please.
> what does the date have to do with anything?
It's a fair question.

> how does one get out of the stinky baselayers without stripping to 
> underwear?

The issue, I believe, is not the task itself but rather the location 
> What is more disgusting than women stripping down to their underwear, 
> is men wearing their stinky base layers all day long, even after skiing!

Yabbut we're proud of it.  'sides which, there's a practical aspect to 
this.  We take off the base layer and put something else on, and we've 
just dirtied THAT up, too.  If we wait 'til we get home to remove, we've 
sullied only one set of clothing.  Which means we can put off doing 
laundry for at least one day.  These things are important.

> Strip it off!!! Put on something fresh!!! and don't look or leer and 
> the women trying to get comfortable and fresh, unless they are dancing.

Tell the rain to fall UP, while you're at it, Sharon.  Guys, it would 
appear, are wired that way.

Very big tongue in cheek on all this, of course.

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