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>A staggering amount of coverage disappeared today.

Same thing on Mansfield... I was shocked at how much snow disappeared off
the top of the mountain in the last 24-48 hours.

These were the ski racks up top a couple days ago:

This was around 5pm this evening.

The snow on the Octagon deck and patrol deck is gone... of course there's
free air circulating under it and everything, but amazing to see this all
just disappear so quickly.

Top of the Quad today at 5pm.

Its funny, even if the lifts were spinning, there would be a coverage
problem again and even with this storm probably wouldn't be able to make it
to April 22nd (original scheduled closing date)... all the lower stuff is
gone...this was the last day I'll attempt Crossover back to Gondi...
Liftline looked melted out down by the bottom of the Quad, though if the
mountain was still open you may be able to make it via Lower North Slope.  

I am amazed at how fast that melted again.  And with 80-85F coming tomorrow
and afternoon sun, it may look like this recent 20-30" of snow never fell.


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